Sunday, May 5, 2013

Race planning for 2014 (already!)

If you've been following for awhile, you know my husband will be headed to OTS next spring. This means I need to keep busy (and stay safe!). I hate doing long runs solo. I hate feeling vulnerable. Most of my long runs for this last marathon were either on base while my husband was working, or they were run early enough in the day so that I knew my husband was at home and available to save me if any problems arose.

With all this in mind, I decided next year I will focus on halves. The remainder of this year is all long- 2 marathons and the Huff- but I'm going into all of it with the sole goal of finishing. I have no clue how this surgery will affect my speed/endurance, but I am confident no matter what, I will still be finishing those races (even if I'm pushing the time limits- I don't care). By focusing on halves, I can easily run long runs on Fridays after work on the 5K trail.

(It's almost surreal that I'm thinking of 10 mile runs as easy. Funny how a few years can change perspective on distance)

The Carmel Marathon  has a super sweet early bird discount right now- $37 for the full, $30 for the half, good through midnight TONIGHT (EST)!!!!

Which means it just got added to the schedule. I'm looking at the Indy mini next year (I want to run that one before we move, and next year is the last sure thing chance I'll have), perhaps Run the Bluegrass in Kentucky since my brother lives 20 minutes from their (and I'm trying to talk my SIL into her first half!).

I never plan things this far in advance- the AF Marathon events are the exception since Tim actually knows he can get off work. Usually, I miss out on these early bird prices. It's kind of nice that this year I've been able to plan a little more, and can plan next year, too.

So, I have a big race for March, April, and May potentially picked out. Any other fun events I should look into?


  1. I considered Carmel this year - the race director is super nice. Part of me wants to do the Indy Mini on Saturday and the Flying Pig in Cincinnati on Sunday.

    P.S. I'm mailing your gift today :)

  2. I have already started making a list for 2014 too. I haven't registered for anything yet but I've got my eye on several races!


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