Friday, March 14, 2014

American psycho

The gelatin face mask happened again.
Or, as my husband called it, American Psycho.

(How do men remember movie scenes so well? I've seen that movie three or four times, and didn't even think about the face mask until he reminded me!)

I told him to stop making me laugh because the mask was hardening and I was about 2 minutes away from not being able to talk.

It's a simple "recipe"- unflavored gelatin, a little milk, microwave 15 seconds and spread it QUICKLY over your face (I use a cheap paintbrush because it's fun).

And then you wait. Let it harden. And then peel that sucker off in giant pieces. 

I recommend you do this before a full shower in case you miss some bits... And because it smells a little. 

But then end result is worth it. Last time, my skin felt wicked smooth for over a week. And my annoying zit zones didn't flare up for over three weeks, so I'd say it's worth it to do once a month. 

Plus it's fun to have a little at-home spa treatment.

I will warn you- it's a little painful to pull off at times. Like a giant biore strip painful- still far below waxing, and below band-aid level.

Do you ever do any at home facial treatments?

Or are you one of those fancy people who has actually been to a spa? I'd love to go to a spa someday... But I'm shy, and easily embarrassed, so I'd probably need a spa buddy. So much of the girly-girl world is still foreign to me!

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