Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Tuesday Confessions- moving edition

Confession: I should be sorting, purging, starting to pack.

But instead, I'm sitting on the couch. Who can resist this sweet face?

Or this adorable project? 

Confession: part of my procrastination is because I'm overwhelmed.

The thought of moving in ~6 weeks is intimidating. 
I will miss my husband during his work week, and will relish the days off when he can come visit before he heads to OTS. 
But not knowing where I will be is driving me bat-shit crazy. 
How do I pack my essentials if I don't know where I'm going? Sure, some basics are going to stay the same, but some won't. Will I need boots? Or will I be able to get by for a year without winter shoes. Will I need my super warm, I-hate-winter parka, or will my fleece be enough? Will I be near water where I will want more of my bathing suits (if they still fit!) or will one just in case bikini be fine?

Confession: the other half of the procrastination is because it's sill ~6 weeks away.

Yesterday, I successfully purged a bunch of stuff from my desk (what's left should fit in a single box, yay!). I also took six bags of clothes, shoes, belts, etc to Goodwill from Sunday's purge. I know when it comes time to pack I can probably get rid of at least one more bag full of clothes.

But right now, there are so many things I feel I can't pack because it's still so far off. Can't pack pans, glasses, dishes, because we still need to eat. Can't pack clothes because I hate being naked. Can't pack sheets and towels because I need to sleep and stay clean.

After talking with the Husbeast, we might try to pack some of these things, just to get started. But them we will be living in a house of boxes half packed. Oy.

I know six weeks will fly by. But I also know that's a lot of living. A lot of laundry, cooking, cleaning. The list of things I can is so much smaller than the list of thing I know I still need. 

Confession: I'm not giving anything up for Lent this year.

Usually, I do. But I feel like rather than giving up something, this year I will focus on getting things done. Like a box a day, or another area purged, etc. if things continue to go smoothly, we will be moving right before Easter. So I will round out Lent by unpacking.

If only I knew where. 

Confession: I owe some of my sanity to Team Tough Chik. 

Seriously, those ladies are like family. And they've listened and helped me through these initial headaches, and I know they will continue to be there as the best support system I've ever know outside of my parents.

And who knows, maybe one of the moves these next few years will bring me close to some of them. :)

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  1. Mucho, mucho hugs!

    I love that little cross stitch project. I have one I started but have put on the back burner (for 6 weeks), and I probably won't pick it up again since I've resurrected a crochet blanket from 4 years ago. So, what I'm saying, if you need help procrastinating, I can send it to you ;)


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