Thursday, March 6, 2014

Sugar and a smile

Seriously. How can you not love this? Unless you're allergic to candy.

The pattern is from the Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery, but in my usual fashion, I've personalized mine. Where the original had an alphabet in the middle, I am declaring my love for sugar, in all forms. 

By the time I finish it, I will ba packing up all the current decor in our house, so this piece will hang in a future kitchen, I hope. Or maybe I should put it by my bed.

I do love sugar.

A lot.

Too much.

Which is why I run. 
That's the epitome of a runner's high, my friends. Practically giddy at the end of 4.36 miles. And again, maintaining a pace average in the 9:20s felt easy

I kept checking my watch at each mile, initially thinking I was running about 10:00 miles, since today was intended to be easy. By feel, it was easy. So I'm stoked that it was that quick of an an easy pace. And the overall average stayed at 9:28 even with forgetting to stop my watch before I walked the garbage bin back up the drive and then walked in.

Looks like all those squats are paying off! Stronger legs mean faster legs. I'm starting to dream of a half marathon PR at either Carmel or the Indy Mini. 

Did it warm up near you yet? I hate that 27 degrees felt so warm, especially in March, but it did. It was delightful. And tomorrow will be even warmer! We might break 50!!!!!

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  1. I bought their dessert sampler but haven't even started it...this one looks pretty cute! I like that you are making it your own...I have trouble following a pattern exactly...We are waiting for warmer weather's been negative degrees enough our high of 40 today makes us think we need shorts!


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