Monday, March 17, 2014

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

To celebrate, I'm wearing green to teach yoga, whenever I get dressed (this often doesn't happen until I have to, as in, thirty minutes before work. Don't lie- you'd stay in sweats until 2 pm on a Monday if you could). And that's the end of my festivities.

I had a good weekend- I took both dogs for a run (separately- Prudence did almost 3 miles, while Matty only did half a mile) on Saturday to enjoy the nice weather again. That made it just barely under 3.5 miles, which is only half of what I had planned, but I irritated an old back injury during the week so I chose to ease off this weekend. It seems to have worked because I am finally pain-free today. Perfect timing, too, because there's a 5k on base tomorrow.

I also spent more time sewing up stuff to help organize.

I made three more zippered pouches. The middle one is already being out to use wrangling my spare epi-pen and inhaler box so I know where to look when it's time for refills, and once we get to Moving Day, the rest of our medications (which is basically just my singular and a bottle of ibuprofen) will go in.

The biggest and smallest are being contemplated.... I feel like I have a bunch of things that need their own pouch, so I'm trying to prioritize. 

What will probably happen: I will go buy more zippers and make more pouches. Packing is a lot more fun with pretty pouches... And sewing breaks.

Today's packing pondering: how many muffins will I need to make to get through the next 30 days?

If I make enough and freeze them, I can pack the muffin tins! 

It's not a simple 30 days = 30 muffins. I want to be able to say, "Yes, dear, you can have a muffin," instead of "STAY OUT OF MY STASH!"
I think three batches should do it. That would be somewhere between 36 and 50 muffins, depending on what kind I make. That will give variety, too. Cranberry-orange, cinnamon, and a third... Tbd. Looks like I needs to get more muffin cups.

Muffins- are you for or against them? My brother is weird- he loves the muffin top, but will not eat the dense muffin stumps, as he calls them. 

Did you run a St. Paddy's themed race this weekend? Do you wear green today, or say, "pinch me if you dare"?

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