Monday, April 18, 2011

I love coupons!

I've always been a fan of a good deal... and coupons! Jodi at Pleasant Home helped me discover The Krazy Coupon Lady...

Go check it out. I'll be here. I spent about 2 hours poking around yesterday.

Then printed $14 worth of coupons for Target...

Then made a coupon wallet!

 Tim asked me, "Don't you already have one?"


"Yes, you do, I've seen it."

"No, that was actually my checkbook cover... there are checks in there somewhere, but since I rarely use them, I shoved coupons in with them."

But, now I have a designated coupon wallet. I put the 2 buttons on it in anticipation of how stuffed I know it will become. 

Aren't the chickens cute? They're scraps from the apron I always forget to wear when cooking... I think I'll go get it and hang it up where I'll remember to use it now.

I feel so organized. This is my kind of spring cleaning/organizing: making pretty things to try to be organized!

Today I had to run by Kroger again... but this time I remembered to load some coupons on my Kroger card, and so I ended up saving $8.74- which meant I paid about $18 for ten yogurts, two packs of Hillshire farms deli meats, 3 ears of corn, and 2 packs of deli cheese. I love the Kroger receipts because they tell you what percentage of your bill you saved- mine was 31%!  

I'm going to try to beat that next time... :D

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