Sunday, January 1, 2012

Last year's scraps

Surprise! A tutorial for you! How to make a fabric notebook cover:

Materials: SCRAPS!!! Enough string to make 2 string blocks, and enough 2.25" binding scraps to measure ~42" total.
All seams are assumed 1/4" unless noted.

Step one: Make 2 8.5" string blocks. There are multiple sources for these; I suggest you google it if you don't know how. There are some fabulous tutorials already out there.

 Stitch your two sting blocks together. Then, stitch a length of unfolded scrap binding RIGHT SIDE TO WRONG SIDE OF BLOCKS:
Do not press that crease, it will help later. Do the same for the other side:
 Normally, right now, you'd be yelling, "ACK!" But don't worry!
 Press the edges of the binding under just less than 1/4", then fold and stitch down. This is why it helps to not press that nice crease out.
 See, I caught just the edge.
Now, trim 1/4" from each non-binding side:
 Take two more pieces of binding, leaving them FOLDED this time, and stitch the raw edge down.
 Press towards the strings, then fold the binding at the crease so none shows on front. Carefully turn the tiniest bit under (Some might want to do this by hand) and stitch a small curved corner.
 And voila! You can cover your composition notebook!
Say hello to my new training log. 

See how last year's scraps can be put to use this year?

Let's hope 2012 brings all the dreams we've dreamt to life!

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