Sunday, April 22, 2012

Another event in the books

We all survived the Spartan Sprint with no major injuries! I start with this because during our 2 hours on the course, at least 6 people were carted off in ambulances (guess that's why you sign 2 waivers!).

I dog-paddled across that pond since I'm such an "awesome" swimmer.

I think I was the only one wearing a skirt. Which, honestly, was pretty awesome. Unless you were one of the dudes we passed, which means you got chicked and skirted at the same time, by sequins, no less!

My brother had fun as our photographer, but you could tell it was killing him a bit to not be on the team... so guess who says he's going to join us for the Tough Mudder in Kentucky? Oh, yeah, the Irish twins will be tearing it up!

I had tons of fun today. Really, through the mud, barbed wire, water, hills, log carries, etc, it was a blast. But I can honestly say it was almost easy. At least, compared to a Tough Mudder. I feel like they are almost apples and oranges, and yet both pears. As in, the Spartan was only 4 miles versus the Mudder's 10, but it wasn't the distance that made the Mudder so much more difficult. The weather was unfortunately almost identical (we were hoping it would be warmer!), and the terrain was very similar overall since both places were off-road parks.

My muddy medal from the Spartan Sprint.

Perhaps it is because I have done a Mudder that makes the Spartan feel like less of a challenge. Still a challenge, just less. Perhaps it's because I have so much mental toughness built up from the hypothermia, abrasions, bruises, broken toenails, and 10,000 volts to the head that were the Mudder.

Regardless, I had an AWESOME time at both events. My hope is that they will give me a leg up on the mental half of running a full marathon. Seriously, if I can throw myself into a dumpster full of ice water, or crawl under 100 feet of barbed wire, or survive electrified wires, or climb 12 foot cargo nets, I can put one foot in front of the other for 26.2 miles. Anything else life throws my way will be a cakewalk.

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  1. congratuations on your finish. Maybe I need a sparkly skirt to encourage me to run :) I doubt it, but maybe I can use that as yet another excuse! I have friends who do the Tough Mudders. I'm still looking to find a tshirt at Goodwill.


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