Sunday, April 15, 2012

No news is good news, but still frustrating!

Gender-neutral baby quilt, since they won't find out until the kid is born. 
So, Friday was the ultrasound of my abdomen- which was actually kind of interesting. I did not know they had Doppler on those things! As soon as it was done, I was sent on my way with no further instructions, so my un-PhD-ed mind said, "No emergency. Legs are getting crazy. Let's do a short run!" Which led to a painful 1.2 miles on the treadmill.

1.2 miles. Two weeks ago, I could sneeze that distance. But when your body is screaming at you to stop, you better listen.

But the thing about that run? It gave me the mental energy to cut fabric/sew a bit. I made progress on the baby quilt, and overall felt SO much better mentally, even if my abdomen was unhappy.

Tomorrow, I hope to find out what is wrong, and what I can do about it. I've lost 4 lbs from eating so little- it's hard to eat when it makes you feel semi-nauseus, and has been giving me "dragon belches" (the kind that feel so acidic it's like breathing fire). Pretty sure it's not serious, so in a fit of insanity I ran 2.8 miles just now, just so that I know I can finish the Spartan as long as I'm medically cleared. A little crazy, I know, but I've already decided that if it's my gallbladder, like I suspect, and if I need surgery, I WILL put it off until after the weekend. I did not train all spring for this event, pay for it, and rally our whole team for nothing! And the way I see it, I'm building more mental strength that will come in handy this fall when I tackle 26.2!

I've got some handwork to keep me busy for the rest of the evening.

Let's all have a great week! I do know I've got one guaranteed bright spot- my Nike Fuelband is coming tomorrow! Now I just need to get back to 100% so I can start playing.


  1. hope you get the side pain figured out! Love the quilt!

  2. I had severe stomach pains for about 6 months, they did the ultra sound and found gall stones, but said it wasn't my gall bladder. They did an endoscopy too and it wasn't my stomach. They finally said it was nerves and gave me crazy pills (antidepressants) Who knew your stomach could be depressed? They said the stomach has nerves that can get overstimulated and act up and cause pain. They checked again a few months ago and the gall stones are gone. If it is your gall bladder, you should have way more pain after you eat a fatty meal. I hope you get good news today and your pains go away! I admire anyone who can run. I can barely get myself out the door for a walk :)


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