Tuesday, April 24, 2012

More Spartan photos.

Every time I feel self-concious about my arms, I just need to remember how they pull me up things like this.
 Because I had so much fun, and because I'm hoping to inspire at least one person to take a walk.
I'm really glad my husband was behind me for most of the barb wire crawl!
 Or sign up for a 5K.
Thanks, bro, for making sure to catch your little sister's fall on film. 
 Or, a mud run. Like Muddy Buddy, A Spartan Race, or even a Tough Mudder.
I mean, come on. Look how fun it is to get dirty!

I ran a very slow, easy 8 miles today. Which was kind of a big deal given that it was the first day I felt like I was 100% back to normal since the gallbladder attack started. I also found out I have a "dysfunctional" gallbladder, which will need to be taken out eventually, but not any time soon. 
While I don't look forward to future attacks, I am very grateful it won't be interfering with this year of AWESOME. In the mean time, there will be no more bacon binges. Or fair food. Or other fatty nasty deliciousness. Which saddens me a bit, but no food tastes as good as being pain-free feels. 

Those 8 miles also earned me a night of hand work, TV, or even an evening nap. I do love a good nap.

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