Saturday, April 28, 2012

Year of Awesome quilt

Because I've decreed this to be the Year of Awesome (big goals, big plans, etc), I want to make a running quilt- one that would commemorate each even I've done this year. So, basically, some sort of sampler-style thing.
Right now, it looks like there will be at least 10 different events this year (which is a horrible number to try to turn into a rectangle of quilt blocks! I might have to squeeze in a few more events to make them play nicely).

Here are the ideas so far:
Frosty 5K- improv snowflake
Spartan Sprint- ?? I just know it needs green.
Apple blossom 5K- I have apple fabric. Maybe just simply frame it with another fabric.

So that's it, I don't have much.
It's either try to come up with a different, loosely themed block for each, or decide on one block and somehow use the fabrics/colors to represent each event. the problem with using the same block/just changing colors would be finding appropriate theme fabrics. But this would mean I could hunt through every fabric store I find with a teeny bit of a purpose!

I do know that I want to hand-write the event name and date (and finish time, if applicable) on each one.

What's the best marker for permanent writing on fabric? Do you have any ideas for fabric that would represent running? Have you ever made a commemorative quilt?

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  1. When I did the Just One Star donation blocks for Moda, they recommended the Pigma Micron archival pens. I got mine on Amazon, but a lot of quilt shops sell them.
    Check Google for sneakers fabric, shoes, race and things and Spooonflower might have something more unique. always has lots of themed fabrics.
    And someone on Flickr or Twitter might have something to trade if you use those sites.
    Hope that helps!


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