Thursday, June 14, 2012

5 things I'm loving today

How about 5 random things that have made me smile today? Ok, go:
1.  Ghiardelli brownies!

With my unusual food allergies, these are one of the few packaged mixes I can eat (oh, darn, I have to have the fancy ones). I love these brownies, and so do all of Tim's coworkers.

  Here's a tip: If you have a sweet tooth, but don't want to look like a candy addict/brownie batter licker/cupcake lover/sugar slut, send baked goods away! You still get the joy of baking and licking out the bowl, but the temptation won't be around. Don't get me wrong, I always cut into these brownies before sending them off to the guys, but that's it- I have one, then they're gone. Same thing with cookies- I bake them, pul about6-8 back for us to eat, and send the rest away. Everyone wins!
2. These blocks.

 I know I shared this photo yesterday, but looking at these blocks again this morning just made me smile. I think the big one might end up as part of a tote bag. A girl can never have too many tote bags!
 3. Choreography

While I find myself challenged at times, the overall process of choreographing a song has always been fun for me. I may not be a good dancer, but I love trying. And with Zumba choreography, I'm having a blast. I hope my class has as much fun following along as I've had making it.

But I am getting kind of sick of typing choreography- it's one of those words that always slows me down when I'm typing since I have to sound it out in my head.
 4. Tough Mudder outfit!!!

How can you not love that much neon? The Team Sparkle skirt will be making its 2nd mud run appearance of the year, paired with yoga shorts from Pink by Victoria's Secret, as is the green/black sports bra, paired with a bright pink one by C9 since I'm, uh, gifted and thus need 2. And then I have one of many pairs of bright knee socks. My husband will be wearing a pair, too- same pattern, but neon yellow/green. Whatever you want to call it. The color of lemon-lime gatorade.

I can't believe the Mudder is on Saturday!!! EEEEK! I feel more prepared, and less at the same time. I've been doing more strength training by myself, but since the team is basically just Tim and I, there have been no team practices, no adults taking over a playground and climbing like monkeys, no random "here's a stream, let's run through it then climb a tree" practices.

So, I'm confident I'm in shape, but it will be interesting having fewer people.

However, I am THRILLED that it's supposed to be in the 90's- whoohoo, heat like that will make that ice bath feel good! Much better than 48 degrees!
5. Inexpensive healthy eating.

Believe it or not, Aldi's has health foods. So anyone who says eating healthy is expensive is both right and wrong. I know, fresh veggies aren't the cheapest, but why not make small changes? Whole grain cereal instead of sugary stuff? I get these for under $2.50. I want to say $1.99, but I'm not sure. And they taste just like that cheery other brand. Aldi also has pretty good prices on their fresh veggies and fruit, though I will say, I get bored with their selection. There's only so many times I can eat broccoli and zucchini before I want to cook an artichoke, or some other veggie that I can't find at our Aldi. And then I go to Kroger and spend $50 on just fruits and veggies. :)

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  1. Those brownies are making me hungry! I am the same way... I make a lot then send them away. Otherwise, I'd need to run 10 miles/day instead of 10 miles/week :-).

    I love your tough mudder outfit. So fun!! Good luck with the race!


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