Saturday, June 30, 2012

Molasses in January

That's how slow I felt today. Despite my best efforts at hydrating yesterday, I was out-sweating the water stations. The course was 3 laps of a 3.1 mile route, which was nice because it was at least half shady and a decent breeze (but not so much as to make it a struggle going into it), and the first lap was fine. I felt slow, but heat happens. It was about 80 degrees and humid as a troll's armpit. Did I mention we started over half an hour late? Which meant all it did was get warmer, and stickier.

Second lap, still ok, other than mental battles, and we even caught a few 5k walkers before the end of that lap. I was having a hard time keeping myself going, but felt like if I could just start getting more water, maybe 2 of their tiny 3 ounce Dixie bathroom cups, I'd be able to make it.

But then, literally 50 feet into lap #3, bad news: water station 1 was OUT OF CUPS. So, crazy sweaty dehydrated girl that I am, I put my face under the jug and had them pour a bit in my mouth, all the while being assured that the next station would have cups.

But guess what?  No one was there. A few lonely cups of 80 degree water were on the table (it was like drinking from a hot tub).

Station 3? Worse- it was GONE! I watched the truck pull away. And nearly cried.

Station 4? GONE! Watched another truck pull away, cursing them under my breath. Ok, maybe not entirely under my breath. By this time I had had to walk several times. I tried to keep jogging a bit more, knowing there was one more potential water station (though it had been unmanned thus far).

Station 5- THANK YOU, SWET BABY JESUS! Still no humans working it, but thankfully, the water was still there, and my dear, sweet hero of a husband poured extra cups for me since he was about a minute or two ahead. I walked while I drank them, then resolved to jog the rest.... which I almost did, until the pavement moved and common sense said take a break. So I walked for a minute, then turned the corner where I could see the last long stretch. I then jogged the rest, using pure frustration at such a poorly managed race to get me to the end.

They had a fire hose to spray us down after every lap, and that might have been the only thing that kept me from passing out.

 This is the second event we have ran put on by the group that managed this one, and in both of them, they ran out of water or cups or both.

One of the awesome volunteers told us they will no longer hire this company (thank goodness!). Allegedly, someone was checking the course for the last runners, but seeing as I was wearing SAFETY GREEN and a bright, floral running skirt, I don't know how they missed me. Or the people who were still trudging along behind me.

I nearly fainted by the time it was over- my hypoglycemic friends, the black dots, were dancing in my vision, probably because even though I'd had shot bloks with me, my system said screw it and wouldn't work to process it without water.

All I can say is thanks to my awesome husband for making sure I made it through- he never got too far ahead- and thanks to the Ounce of Prevention charity gals for putting on the event. They did a great job, it was just the race organizer group they hired that failed to maintain a safe course. And, we know know, has a history of running out of water.

My time was somewhere between 1:38 and 1:40. But I finished, despite feeling like a lost little girl in the Sahara.

End of complaining. Time for a nap.

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