Saturday, June 16, 2012

Boom. Mudder #2 is done.

Awesome day.


  1. How horrible am I? There are a group of people at my work who do the Tough Mudders and all wear their Tshirts and take pictures together and brag about how great they are for toughing it out. I know that if I ever tried one, I would die. Well, yesterday at the thrift store, I found a Tough Mudder tshirt. Who in their right mind would ever give away a shirt they earned by almost dying? So, I bought it. And, I'm going to wear it. And, I'm going to take my picture in it. And I'm going to show it to the people I work with who brag about how great they are :) I have a marathon shirt too.

    1. That's not horrible, in my opinion. You "earned" it in a different way! :) Besides, we all know you're tough enough since you go through those horrible migraines. I'd love to remind your coworkers the spirit of the Mudder isn't about competition, and maybe they should be encouraging other to be active and healthy rather than trying to be exclusive, though- sounds like they need a reminder!

  2. Congratulations! Hope you guys had a great time!


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