Friday, June 1, 2012

Stitching the night before

As I try to make *important* decisions like which running top to wear with which running skirt tomorrow morning, I've been working on the Awesome Quilt:

I wrote races, times, dates, and even odd details like 13.6, and bronchitis sucks.
I made two more blocks tonight. Earlier, I purchased a permanent fabric marking pen from JoAnn's, so I went ahead and scratched a couple details about each event on each block.

This means I'm caught up on races I've run so far this year. Depending on what the final number is, I'll make or not make a block for the Police Week 5k that I volunteered/ran with a 5 year old.

So far, I'm loving these blocks. This will give me a scrappy memory quilt to wrap up in during future rest days, as the Year of Awesome is meant to be the beginning of a lifetime of fitness and fun.

Back to the debate: green tee, or pink sleeveless tank, or red tech shirt from last year's AF half, or.....

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  1. What an awesome idea! Good luck deciding what to wear :) And sending even more good luck your way for the race tomorrow!!


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