Saturday, June 2, 2012

Still miss you, Dad.

Mr. PR- he makes me so proud. He smashed his previous best by 8 minutes.
 Well, we did it again. Finished another half marathon. #3 for both of us. I nearly cried at the very start when we all paused to remember those who've lost the battle to cancer, and those who are fighting.

And again, at the end, when I was rounding the corner towards the finish, all I could think was, "Dad would be so proud of me right now." He's the reason I picked today's Relay for Life event over larger ones like Sunburst.
Ignore the terrible hair- there's a reason I wear a hat with my short 'do.
Tim got a PR witha time of 2:20 and change, while I was a minute short- 2:14 and change. Which kills me because I walked twice. I'm proud of myself for not walking until 10 miles in, but at the same time, I only had 3 to go! If I hadn't walked, it could have been a PR.

But, considering this was an out and back course of constantly rolling hills, and I was only a minute behind my PR, that's still pretty awesome. I'd take a picture of why I walked- a blister 2" by 1" on my right foot right at the ball- but I'm pretty sure you don't want to puke.

And, as if I hadn't done enough for the day, I made peanut butter cookies, then mowed with our push mower, and am now doing laundry. AND I'M EXCITED ABOUT THAT- because this is the first time I've finished a double digit run and actually had energy left!

I have fabric ready to make my Awesome Quilt block, too.

The other happy news about today's race? I wore one of my new skirts from Running Skirts- and this time it fit! I ended up ordering their size 3- which equates to a large- even though in every other brand on earth I wear a small. Whatever. I am not a number or label size. The skirt fits perfectly, so I'd advise anyone else with a muscle-butt or strong thighs to order up in in doubt of your size.

I'll be honest, I nearly wrote them off completely- I never heard back from my first email regarding their sizing, and their return policy is pretty strict, while other athletic apparel stores allow you to actually wear a product (since often just trying on is no indicator of comfort during performance). I was still frustrated as all get out when i finally did hear back, since they didn't seem to understand or think it possible that someone could be built the way I am, and instead suggested I try the athletic style they have- Um, hello, short bunch up on my large-for-my-size thighs, and are the thing I'm trying to avoid by buying a skirt! So I still felt like I was guessing at a size. Which is why I am glad it fit, and glad it performed so well today.

I gave the blue dot skirt away that didn't fit, thinking my friend from grade school would easily fit- but she's been doing crossfit and now has the same "problem" I have, so she passed it along to her SIL. I don't care who has it, I just want it to get used by someone!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend- I'll be slaving away at the golf course tomorrow, dreaming of my soon-to-come interview and Zumba training next week. And of the many, many sewing projects I want to make- I keep seeing so many quilts and bags that are begging to be made, but I feel like I need at least 3 more hours in the day to even dream of starting one!

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  1. Congrats! Aren't you glad the hills are over with!? I know I am. No PR for me today but super happy I finished :)

    And that is super annoying about Running Skirts. I have two SparkleSkirts and they are amazing! I hate the whole bunching, chub rub thing and they have longer built in shorts that are perfect. Maybe give them a try? Oh, and the customer service is awesome!


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