Tuesday, April 2, 2013

5 by the 5th- April amazes!

I just ran a 5k in 25:16. Unintentionally. Which might explain why I don't have any photos.

We did speed work today- 5 minute warm up, 600, 1200, 600, 5 minute cool down, all on the odd track on base that is just under 600 meters. I ended up doing one more lap to get to 3.1 miles, and when I stopped my watch, I was SHOCKED to see 25:16. My current PR is 25:15. WHAT??!!!! Especially since that last mile was "easy." Looking back at my Garmin, the second mile (which is the 1200 and the 600) combined for a 7:16 mile. That speed is unheard of for me... and holy cow, I just ran a marathon 10 days ago!

So now, I'm riding high and hoping to break 25 minutes for the 5k I have coming up on the 20th.

Happy Tuesday!!!

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