Thursday, April 11, 2013


Our group ran through the rain, on the flooded 5k trail on base today. It brought back memories of the steeplechase run our xcountry team did in middle school. I was soaked, from hat to feet. And it was just what I needed after a stressful morning.

Not much cleanses the soul like an awesome run through the rain!


  1. Love those shoes! Glad you had a great run, I love running in the rain too it is cleansing.

  2. Such a bummer about your stressful morning! "Bummer" isn't even the right kind of word. So glad you got in a great run! And I just saw on your sidebar that you are doing Veteran's, too. YAY!

  3. Oh how fun! Yes, those rainy day runs can be the best!

  4. Love your shoes too! Glad you had a nice run in the rain. There's something about getting soaked in the rain that can be so refreshing.


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