Monday, April 15, 2013

Do NOT let them win.

There are no adequate words to describe today.

My heart hurts. My soul aches.

Boston runners, spectators: you are in my prayers, and will be in my thoughts with every step of tomorrow's run.

For those who are responsible: fuck you.
You will never win.

It might take me 35 years to qualify, but I WILL RUN BOSTON. To spite you, and in spite of every terrorist there is. This was never a goal until today, but it is now.

You have no clue about the make-up of the running community. We are some of the strongest, and definitely the most determined people on this planet. We run 26.2 miles FOR FUN. We take ourselves to the edge of sanity, to the precipice of pain with every run, FOR FUN. We cannot be stopped. We will not be stopped. But you will.

Run on, my friends. Tell the terrorists they can go fuck themselves. Honor those lost and affected by this insanity. We are strong. We can, and we shall endure. After all, it's the basis of our sport.

(I apologize for the language, but strong emotions beget strong words)


  1. For those who are responsible: fuck you.
    You will never win.

    no truer words were ever wrote. We are strong and our lights shine brighter.

  2. Boston went on my list yesterday, too. I keep seeing on Facebook, which I think applies to all runners.... "If you're trying to defeat the human spirit, marathoners are the wrong group to target." (from Mighty Brighties on Facebook)


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