Saturday, April 13, 2013

Anyone have this problem?

Leg holes. Why do designers think any woman who wears a size small has pencils for legs? Why do they make garments, even pajama shorts, that don't allow for any meat on our bones?
Any one else have this problem? It's only gotten worse as I've started turning my "energy reserves" (cough, cellulite, cough) into at least a layer of muscle under less-visible "energy reserves" (because really, cellulite is just fuel for an ultra, when you break it down. Or a survival situation. Or the apocalypse. Whatever).
Thank goodness I'm crafty-literally. I deconstructed a pair of pajama shorts that fit great except for their puny leg holes, drafted a pattern, and voila! The real test will be if they are as comfortable to sleep as they are right now.
How is your weekend going? Tomorrow looks like it will be a great day to run!
PS-Matt is such a photo bomber!

1 comment:

  1. The pj shorts look great, and he's a really cute photo bomber. :)


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