Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Fueled by Boston

Run to remember. Run to recover.

For the 5k on base today, I let the anger, sadness, and frustration fuel me, and I ran a new PR. Second female and 4th overall of those who participated, with my time of 24:56.

I was smiling when I got home because as runners, we endure, we persevere, and I know across this beautiful country of ours, others were out there running for Boston, too.

My heart still aches, but my spirit refuses to be squashed.


  1. Congratulations on your new PR today Kasey! What a great way to honor those affected by yesterday's events.

  2. Good for you and Congrats on the PR! I used a Sharpie to make a "Boston" shirt for my run today... ran 1 mile for each of the 3 lives lost in Boston yesterday plus one for my friend Shelly. Can't think of a better way to reflect and honor and mourn than to lace up the shoes and run....

  3. Good for you, and Congratulations on a great race.


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