Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Mmm, meatloaf

Not much motivates me as much as food. It's true. The things I'll do for the promise of a treat....

So, today, I bribed myself to get my treadmill run done.

I made turkey meatloaf, stuck it in the oven, and then had 45 minutes to change and run. I ended up with 3.6 miles in 33 minutes, including a brief stop to dart outside and check the mail in hope of a package arriving (it didn't) before the oven timer went off. Which, for you math officianodos means it took me 12 minutes to decide on clothes, get changed, and get situated. :D

What I've discovered this year is that I no longer hate the treadmill more than the cold. Today, it's only 7 degrees outside with a feels like below zero. When you add my iPad mini into the picture, I'm actually starting to like the treadmill a teensy bit. 

But I still would rather run outside... As long as it's not freezing!

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