Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Protein: day 14

I made French toast today, day 14 of my morning protein challenge. I'm halfway to making it a habit! Would anyone want to do an official month-long morning protein challenge? I'm thinking it would include Monday check ins, shared recipes, etc. Just curious.

What's that? Peppermint green tea. That's one of my other small changes. I drink it aaaaaallllllll the time in summer over ice, but I've added it back into the daily routine (hot, since it's so darn cold outside!) since we all know the wonders of green tea. What, you haven't heard how wonderful it is for its antioxidants, inflammation fighting, and metabolism boosting? Go google it. I'll wait.


Oh, hey, you're back! Good. 

I had a crappy run today. This is how I felt after wind, cold, rain, and snow:
I can handle crappy weather, but all four types of crappy weather combined just got to me. I cut my run short since I was getting a headache, was soaked, was freezing, and was just downright pissed at the weather.
I'll make up for tomorrow. I'll hit the treadmill at home before I pick a pinned workout. Wednesdays are my gym-free workout day. Basically, I pick a few quiet exercises I can do while my husband sleeps and I do them while watching the Price is Right. I have a few favs on Pinterest, so I'm challenging you to pick a workout you've dog-eared in a magazine, saw online, whatever. Pick a workout out or even a single exercise and do it tomorrow at home. These are the things we can keep in our repertoire for variety, and the things that travel well. Every time I go to my mom's I have a simple circuit that ensures I'm not a complete slug while I'm there!

The week is halfway over! How is yours progressing?

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