Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Food, glorious food

I have done a lot of cooking this month (which is normal). To keep things interesting, I've been trying new recipes I find on Pinterest (same as my twitter handle- bomblet- in case you want to creep my boards, err, follow!).

Such as this basil multi-grain bread
And this roasted head of cauliflower.
I've even taken a few family recipes and made them a little less guilty, such as taking the family chocolate chip cookie recipe, adding a little flax and using half whole grain flour.

Plus countless other foods I didn't photograph because I ate them- sweet potato and parsnip chips, roasted carrot sticks, broccoli patties, egg breakfast bites...


A few years ago, I never would have tried the basil bread because of the number of grains and seeds (chia, sesame, oatmeal, millet). And I damn sure NEVER would have tried to make the sacred chocolate chip cookies any healthier!

So who am I? I am a runner. Somehow, having become a runner caused me to slowly eat better, without ever realizing it. Gradually, I've incorporated healthier foods (and I didn't eat poorly before!). More whole grains, more vegetables. It didn't happen over night, and things don't always leave me craving more, but most of the recipes I've tried have been satisfying, if not down-right delicious.

And the protein at breakfast "challenge" is still going strong.

The moral of this story? Small changes add up. Results take time.

I can tell you I look leaner, despite gaining 1 lb over the course of the last month, and I bet that's from meeting my protein needs better.

I feel better these last few years since I've slowly improved my diet. Some of that is from figuring out food allergies four years ago, but the rest is from eliminating the majority of the crap. I still eat dessert, I still have treats like doughnuts and cake, but they're rare, and always homemade for my safety.

(Knock on wood) I haven't been sick yet this year, despite having been exposed to my mom during both of her bad illnesses this season (one of which took her four weeks to kick!).

And don't get me wrong, I've also had my share of indulgences- mainly learning how to make and devour sausage gravy with bisuits. Yummmmmmmmm....... All things in moderation.

Food is fuel. Food is medicine. Food is life.

Have you tried any new recipes this year?

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