Wednesday, August 8, 2012


Today is a rest day. After running Saturday, Sunday, Monday, then 2 (yes, 2!) Zumba classes Monday, then more running and spinning on Tuesday, I think I've earned it.

I keep forgetting to (try) to show what I saw a mile into my long run on Saturday:

Can you see it? There's a chicken at the bottom left of the tree!!! There were actually 3 of them- I was running along, and I always look for critters ahead (you never know when you might surprise a squirrel and nearly step on it!), when I saw a large, fluffy animal and stopped dead in my tracks. It startled me pretty badly since I really wasn't expecting a giant CHICKEN. Then, I saw its two friends And this is what happened when I tried to get proof: they hid. Jerks.

On another note, I was finally able to get my eyes checked today- nothing major, yay!!! Plus, I ordered some new glasses (so I will no longer be quite as useless after 6 pm when I take my contacts out). They had to dilate my eyes, so I've been pretty useless (which is why I went to the eye Dr today, since I intended on being useless on this glorious rest day). I'm so glad there's nothing wrong- apparently the floaters aren't a big deal until you get a bunch at a time. So, as long as Bob doesn't show up with 30 friends to blur my vision, everything's ok.

I think my eyes have un-dilated to resume knitting. I'm almost finished with a pair of convertible gloves-- with plenty of time before it gets cool (for once!).

Happy Wednesday!

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