Friday, August 17, 2012

Has this ever happened to you?

On Wednesday, you might remember I planned on running about 12 miles with my husband. Well, we started running, got to the town on the trail that marked the 6 mile turn around, and then the trickery became evident:

Me: I can't wait for that darn Garmin to beep 6 miles so we can head home.
Him: You think we're turning around?
Me: Uh, yeah. Why, how far did you want to run?
Him: What's the furthest you've run at once?
Me: 16 miles... oh, no.
Him, Oh, yes.

And then the 8 mile marker came and went.

Him: Wouldn't it be awesome to get all the way to the 10 mile marker?
Me: Yeah. (Pant, gasp, pant). It would. I guess.

And then we discovered that wasn't a 10 mile marker. So, 10.5 miles from home, we FINALLY turned around. At this point, I ate my second Gu. By the time we reached 13 miles, I had the overwhelming urge to bawl. Like, uncontrollable, inconsolable bawling. I was light headed, a little dizzy, and all I wanted was to stop running and cry. We'd been keeping up a good run/walk pace that kept us under a 12 min/mile average, but once I ran out of fuel, it faltered. Somehow, my wonderful husband helped encourage me to keep run/walking until about 16 miles, where we were able to take a slight detour and find a mini mart where I got more water, some iced tea, and my saviors for the day, a bag of Skittles.

I know now that the crying was blood sugar related. And it's kind of funny how minutes after scarfing half the bag of skittles, I was able to resume our trek home. I had one more bout of wanting to cry, where I ate the rest of the bag.

Isn't that strange, how blood sugar can make you just want to cry until the end of days?

So, thank you to my husband for tricking me into the longest run of my life (for about a month more, anyway).

Next time, I'm bringing more Gu, even if he claims it's a short run!

Have you ever been tricked like that?
Or felt like crying simply because you needed food?


  1. I always want to cry when I'm hungry! :-)

    Congrats on such a long run, that's awesome!!! A friend of mine takes Pixie Stix with her instead of Gu... I never understood that until my last long run, where I truly believe a Pixie Stix saved my life. (Well, at least my sanity.)

  2. Congratulations on a great long run! I tried to do the same thing to my husband this morning. We ran 9 miles and I was hoping I could get him to run 5-6 miles from the house before he thought we'd gone a little far. No such luck so we turned around and headed back. We ran out of Gatorade and had to tackle the last two miles with nothing. I still had 2 bags of GU chomps but I should have had more Gatorade.

    Hope you guys have a great weekend!

  3. YES I have been there! I use to run with my coworker all the time and he always did that...made me a better runner and in better shape but could be so frustrating at times!


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