Friday, December 28, 2012

Last week of 2012 (full of randomness, like the rest of the year!)

Normally, I'd still be sleeping. But my brain is a little OCD, so even though the alarm I set for 5:30 am isn't until tomorrow, it woke me up today. At 5:30 AM. Grrr....

Thank the Lord and all things amazing, we got a Keurig for Christmas! So convenient. So easy. And it takes less than 15 minutes to brew! Since we tend to kill coffee makers around here, we're babying this thing and buying distilled water by the gallon for it, in hopes of making it last.

I've had a good week to round out 2012. 
 I made my own granola on Sunday. So many store bought varieties contain coconut, peanuts, other nuts, or the gums to which I'm allergic. This was they easiest way for me to get granola I could eat. The Husbeast says it's too burnt, but I think it still tastes fine. I read a bunch of recipes and modified them to a generic granola, but I think our oven must cook hotter, because next time, I'll only cook it for 20 minutes instead of 35.
 Christmas morning, I couldn't sleep. I never sleep well away from my own bed, even when I'm at my mom's (which is technically my old bed!). I am a creature of habit when it comes to sleep, and any changes throws me off. That's why I brought my running clothes! I ran 3.2 miles between 6:45 and 7:15, which meant I was done running and showered 2 hours before my husband or brother and SIL woke up. The Christmas lights made it a magical run. The deer and "pond" were my favorite, and their across the street neighbor's style contrasted so much, I had to get a photo of it, too.
 Then, Mom had me make the monkey bread. YUM!!!
 Because of the Husbeast's work, we couldn't stay beyond Christmas Day. Good thing for these two- they were worn out!
 Wednesday, we got hit by the snow- only about 4 inches or so, but enough it took me an hour to shovel the drive. And enough that I put off shopping until yesterday.
 But, check out the sweet deals I found at TJ Maxx- a wrist wallet and a new handheld water bottle. I love how they randomly have awesome running gear (though I wish it weren't so random).
 I rounded out yesterday with more crafting- finished her new jacket (I woke her up to put it on, hence the grumpy pose)
and then made a bed bug. It's from the same book as the knit pig in a wig- Knitting Mochimochi. Check your local JoAnn's if you're a knitter; they've got some sweet clearance books.

Since I'm up, I might as well go for a short run today. Zumba this afternoon, and then tomorrow is the Huff 10 miler, followed by a shift at the aid station for the ultra runners. Should be tons of fun!

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  1. Fun randomness! And I love the pup picture of them using each other as a pillow :)


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