Saturday, December 29, 2012

Medicine for the soul

That's what trail running is to me. Heck, running in general is therapy, but trails, especially snow-covered trails, have a magic that can't be found anywhere else, and that can heal any hole.

I've been stressed out about stuff lately, so today's Huff 10 mile fun run was just the antidote I needed.
 Warning! If you ever run any event with me, I'm one of those ANNOYINGLY PERKY MORNING PEOPLE! To clarify, I love sleeping in. I typically get up around 8 in winter, 7 in summer just by my body's clock. But race day? That alarm goes off and BAM! Hello, world, let's all have the most amazing, fantabulous day starting RIGHT NOW! Hence the crazy gleam in my eyes this morning.
 And still smiling after it was done. I forgot my iPod. I almost threw up my banana at mile 8 (when will I learn that bananas are NOT my friend mid-run- they always threaten to make a second appearance!). But the run was awesome. Peaceful. Magical. Snow-covered trails, complete with grueling hills. Perfect. Exactly what I needed to put myself at ease, and remember, "It is what it is." Que sera, sera, Kasera!

After I ran, I went and spent 4 hours at the aid station set up by 3 Rivers Running Company. I now feel like a professional cup filler, gatorade passer-outer, and traffic stopper. My favorite part was stopping traffic to clear the way for runners. I can't lie, it was awesome to stop the cars so RUNNERS could pass. I held the power! And only almost got hit once- that stupid lady on her cell phone would have been paying off my student loans if she hadn't finally realized my glare meant stop now or pay my remaining bills! Seriously, though, get off your phone and drive, people. Especially when you're in an area that have lots of foot traffic.... you know, like a running event? Sorry, I'll get off my soapbox now.
Where I stopped traffic, so the runners could cross. It was mile 4 for the one loopers, and about 14.5 for the first lap and 29 for the second lap for the ultra runners.

 Isn't Chain O' Lakes beautiful? How could you not come away with a healed heart and soul after running around here?
Plus, I saw Ringo, the dog who is on the medal! Such a pretty Husky. I also got passed by a German shorthair pointer, who was quite possibly the most well-behaved dog on the planet, and a much better runner than I'll ever dream of being. I think they finished the ultra under 5 hours. Might have been closer to 4. They were truckin'!

(EDIT: results have been posted. The GSP and her owner finished in 4:59:33! Holy cow, that's amazing!)

I finished the 10 mile loop almost 10 minutes faster than last year, too. YAY!

Now, if only I could get one more PR at Monday's 5k- guess I better do some serious resting tomorrow. I've done everything I can to help my body recover today. I'll even share my secret weapon- Moroccan mint green tea. I swear, that stuff is its own kind of magic.

Enjoy your Sunday, everyone! Only a couple days left in the year- make them count!

Anyone else running on NYE? 
Sunday plans? I'm going to work on taking down Christmas decorations. It's always a little sad to pack them away.
Favorite beverage after being in the cold? Tea, glorious tea! Green if it's before 5pm, something totally decaf if it's later.

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  1. Hi! Just saw your comment at Healthy Strides and clicked over :)

    This race sounds really fun. Especially running then volunteering - you rock! Congrats on running it faster than last year, and good luck on your 5K today! I am running today, but not a race ;)

    Ooo, after the cold, a soy chai latte! But I need to get back in to the tea habit :)


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