Thursday, December 20, 2012


These are supposed to be those pretty Oreo truffles. I feel like they've been haunting me, showing up everywhere on the internet, so I thought I'd try to make some.
 But rather than looking worthy of a Martha Stewart magazine, they look like I sneezed white chocolate onto dirt balls.
The second tray has peppermint and candy cane bits.  Still not pretty, but I think the candy bits make them a little more appealing.

Even though they're nowhere near photo quality, the point is to eat them. I'm I bet the guys working with my husband tomorrow won't care what they look like. Frankly, the way some of them each, I doubt they'll even taste them!


  1. haha! My kitchen creations *never* look like the pictures. I'll bet those taste amazing, though!

  2. I think most stuff on the internet is fake anyway! I want to make these, they are delicious!!


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