Friday, June 7, 2013

Forward Progress

I'm going AWOL.... well, not really. But, I'm stopping my pain meds today. I don't see the point of refilling a prescription for Motrin. Seriously, I can buy off-brand OTC Motrin cheaper than refilling the prescription, and the difference between dosage is 50 mg. I think I'll be fine.

The pain has been significantly reduced since I started walking longer. Sunday and Monday were both at 3 miles or longer, then yesterday I walked a total of 4.7. Whoohoo! Plus, the last 3 of those were at a pace of 16 minutes/mile (in flip flops, mind you, so I wouldn't be tempted to try too hard). Know what that means?

I should have no problem staying well under the 7 hour cutoff for the Air Force Marathon! SWEET! I night miss that last shuttle back to the hotel, but whatever. The Husbeast and I have already worked out a plan for that- I'll have to run with my phone, but this way, if I'm super slow and miss the shuttles, he'll just make sure to get one after he runs the half and then he'll bring the car to get me.

The only problem with feeling so much improved is that now it's getting really hard trying to avoid doing too much. :D


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