Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Really? My last chance? What a shame...

How sad... Brigthroom has informed me this is my last chance to pay $40+ for this wonderful shot that reminds me I need different sunglasses for running so I stop looking like a creepy insect.

(these are all from the Freedoom Half last November... you know, the one I ran 12 days after having a golfball-sized chunk of flesh removed, so I was a bit of pain by the end... as you shall see)
Oh, damn, I won't be able to overpay for this gorgeous shot
In all honesty, I was saying Fuuuuuuuuudge. But not really. If you get the drift. #pottymouth 

Or this one... I think I was doing a Walking Dead impersonation. Watch out, #4124, there's a zombie in  a skirt about to eat your brains!!!
(Every time I see these, I laugh so hard. PRs definitely aren't pretty. They also make me wonder how one earth Brightroom ever makes any money!)


  1. Was a real person taking these photos or are they random, automatic photos? If this is typical of Brightroom's work, maybe they should charge people to take down photos from a public website instead ;-)

    Your outfit was adorable ... even if they didn't capture a nice photo of you, smiling.

  2. I agree with Sophie your outfit is adorable, even if the pictures aren't your favorite don't they make you excited to get to run again!?

    PRs are not pretty but they do feel good afterwards!

  3. I have a friend who runs and who does mudders like your header shows....of course she's much younger than me! I'm afraid at this age that is beyond me (I'm nearly 67) but I do love seeing young women being healthy! blessings, marlene


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