Saturday, June 22, 2013

Stitching, baking, and running!

So, I finally changed the url for my blog to This will be fun for anyone who has old links... :) It just seemed like a good idea since that's the title I operate under here, so yeah. There ya go.
I've been stitching a fun scarf (it's halfway done now, but I haven't taken an new photo), and the yarn is made from silk.


I baked bacon-wrapped egg bites (bacon in a muffin tin, filled with egg/cheese mixture). Sorry, no photo, they were too good to pause that long!

And I ran yesterday. a WHOLE 100 METERS! In sandals! Haha. And it felt glorious.

I might actually put on running shoes and go for a wog tomorrow.... :D It's the little things.

What one small thing is making you smile today?

Enjoy your weekend!

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