Monday, June 17, 2013


In the past week, I have fallen down the stairs, ran into a door, shut my own head in the pantry, and burned my palm. And spilled a whole bag of chips, poured water in my cereal instead of milk, dumped a bag of groceries (thankfully not the one with eggs!), and spilled flour and sugar.

Kids, crafting is dangerous. So is just walking through your house. Or making preserves. Or trying to get ready for bed. Or basically trying to function as an adult.

Yeah. Makes me think there's some truth to the idea of biorhythms.

My aunt, who is the holistic queen of the family (and also suffers from ataxia/MSA, and therefore is often looking for natural alternatives to medicine) was told about these by one of her doctors. Since she already suffers mobility issues, he actually had her monitor biorhythms to try to anticipate bad fall days, and when she was working, she used to try to plan around them.

After my accident-prone weekend, I checked: Yup, I was at the bottom of the bottom of not one but 2- physical and emotional- which, perhaps, explains the whole klutz thing, and the negative nelly body image I've had the last few days (placated that yesterday with a new pair of shorts for $8. Sometimes, a little retail therapy goes a long way).

It is interesting. I'm not 100% convinced, but for the last few years, every time I check after a particularly klutzy spell, the line match up. It's worth considering.

PS- just checked back on the dates which I ran a PR- and the physical one was very high if not the peak on ALL of them. Interesting... which has me excited about both marathons this fall, since they both fall around peaks... interesting... hopefully that's just one more thing in my favor!


  1. Hmm I wil have to check out the biorhythms thingy. Hope you quit being such a klutz soon!

  2. The biorhythms remind me of the hormonal ups and downs I've been experiencing the last few years (due to perimenopause). Klutziness especially! :)


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