Wednesday, June 5, 2013

National Running Day!

How do you celebrate National Running Day when you're side-lined for 4 more weeks?

Retail therapy, of course!

I bought a new Team Sparkle running skirt (in red) to wear on the 4th of July, and a pair of race legs (the blue stars/red stripes pair, of course!

And, depending on what kind of cray weather we get this fall/winter, they could become part of my outfit for the Veteran's Marathon in November.

While my running shoes must wait for 4 more weeks, at least I'll be ready for the 5k on the 4th again, wardrobe-wise. The good news I got from the Dr today was that I can resume light exercise (like yoga), and can actually start back up on the elliptical/stationary bike in 2 more weeks. Apparently, the Beast-mode I was in before surgery has things healing so well I can return to exercise quicker than anticipated! Slowly, of course. I'm too afraid of the consequences to push it, but I'm also so excited that I can start doing a little more each day!!!

Hope you got a run in (if that's your thing), and for you non-runners, I hope you didn't even notice that we runners were nuttier than usual.


  1. Yay for light yoga! And I'm so glad you indulged in a new outfit. I always find that new clothes offer additional motivation.

  2. Great progress! I have been trying to do yoga three times a week and find myself liking it, but am so ready to get back to wonderful long runs!!! Hmm maybe I need a sparkle skirt a little retail therapy!


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