Thursday, June 20, 2013

TV and construction

Did you know bull terriers love Deadliest Catch? Well, Prudence does. She watched half the episode sitting front and center like this. 

Right now, her ears are pointed back and she's making the funniest grumbles as construction goes on outside. They are replacing the main road, and everyone else in our neighborhood got a handy little flier explaining what was going on... But we didn't! We never do. So this construction was a surprise, and it means my 2 minute drive to the grocery will now take 20. Yeah. And, I get to wake up to the sound of asphalt being destroyed this week. And the construction won't be over until mid-July... Which in construction deadlines could mean August. UGH. Guess I need to finally go get some new tires for my ancient bike- thankfully, the running/biking path is still open across the river!

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