Saturday, February 1, 2014

Declare It Day

Fellow Flowers (a cool, motivational company that makes flowers for your hair... I don't have one YET but have my eye on a few colors for when my hair is longer) has a tradition called Declare It Day (today). The goal is just that: declare it. 

Declare a goal you will accomplish, set a deadline, and go out there and smash it!

One of my goals is to PR in the half marathon. My A goal would be to have a great race and finish under 1:50, B goal is a pretty fabulous race and finish under 1:55, and C goal would be anything under 1:57:04. I have 2 chances for it already on the schedule for this spring, but the first is just two weeks after circular logic, so it will totally be a "race by feel" day. That could mean magic, or that could mean just a 13.1 mile long party with my fellow Team Tough Chik members in Carmel.

The other goal is a bit bigger... Something I've wanted to do for years.

I want to walk on my hands.

I've tried a few times to figure it out, but never really committed to it fully. This year, it is on. All of January, I've been lifting a little heavier than normal, and just might venture into the weight room now since I've mastered the largest body bar (30 lbs). I did 725 push-ups last month and will keep increasing that number each month. I've been working on core strength, stretching, and have been practicing crow pose, and am working towards a basic hand stand.

Today, DID, I started day one of my hand-walking plan: 
That, my friends, is the view as I "marched" on my hands. Just lifting them one by one, left, right, left, right, with my feet on the wall to help. 

I will walk on my hands. :D

Do you have any big goals this year?

How are those resolutions coming along? Good news- if you're keeping up, you've made it far enough that they are almost habit!

I'm still eating more protein at breakfast, and I can tell that it has become a habit now. I don't even think about skipping it. Today I had turkey bacon and spinach artichoke dip- odd, but delicious! And combined with my glass of milk, 16 g of protein. 

Enjoy your weekend!

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