Thursday, May 22, 2014

A good problem to have

See that?

(No, not the spider veins on my heel)

I rested today.

My current "problem" is that I am having so much fun with my bicycle and bricks, I keep forgetting to take a rest day.


I just did six days in a row again of training-either running, or cycling, or both- so I took a mandatory rest day. 

I still walked a half a mile with one of the dogs, though.

And yes, I am a grown woman who still prefers to sit cross-legged. 

Ever forget to take rest days?

Race plans this weekend? I think I'm going to run a 10k. It's ten minutes away, and the weather looks great for Saturday morning, so I might as well. If I add a cool down, it will give me my last longish run before Sunburst, so I probably will. After all, running is almost always more fun in a group!

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