Wednesday, May 21, 2014


I am taking this triathlon way more seriously than I thought I would. Every brick I've done has me pumped, ready to give it my all come race day. While I am trying not to get too competitive (it's my first, so I do want to have fun), it's also short enough I want to go balls-to-the-wall... Especially since the results from last year make me feel like I can do more than just participate. I can compete at least in my age group.

I did another brick today- 10 mile bike followed by a one mile run (7:27!) with a half mile cool down at the end. 

I am intentionally biking further than race day right now. 

And I can't believe I can throw down a 7:27 mile just 63 seconds after hopping off my bicycle (I'm practicing transitions, too).

The beast is alive.

I want to compete.

You see this face?
And this one?
While I like to run smiling through long races, come tri day, I'll be using my favorite short-distance mantra (the one I chanted to myself when I got my current 5k PR):


Because if I'm smiling, I'm not trying my hardest. And the best race face photos have come from moments when I gave everything.

June 14th, I will get ugly. Just you wait.


  1. Ha! I think I know a few people who are using that mantra w/o knowing! It's a good one! Although... I always prefer my smiling pics ;)

  2. Love this and you. I might have to steal this idea as well. At least in my training.

    P.S. You are a beast!

  3. awesome! I love that "get ugly". I use it all the time, just without knowing. LOL! Training for a triathlon isn't pretty. Nope. But the end result with be so beautiful!

  4. I wish you lots of success with your triathlon.
    I am dreaming about it, but first I have to improve my swimming. It is my weakest point without a doubt.

  5. I have such a game face when I compete--the pictures of me running are hilarious (unless I really was feeling spectacular) but especially hilarious are the ones of me in my horse shows. I'm all ugly business until it's over (if it was a good trip). One caveat with the ugly face--don't waste energy on creating too much ugly, you'll just get a headache!


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