Monday, May 19, 2014

Minor grievances.

This annoys me.
I can't find my other capris, so I'm wearing navy and navy.

I don't know why this bugs me when black and black doesn't, but it does.

And speaking of annoying, now that I'm riding my bicycle frequently, my thighs are less squishy... Which is fabulous, except now most of my jeans are uncomfortable.

Both are #femaleathleteproblems and most definitely #firstworldproblems (I hate that I just wrote in hashtags... Ugh. But they work).

So I will stop whining, and go run.

Do you know of any jeans that are cut with a more generous thigh? I brought four pairs, and only one pair is comfortable now- after just 4 weeks of cycling! Definitely going to have to get some new denim this fall if this keeps up.

Any color combos annoy you, like my navy-on-navy?


  1. If you find good jeans, tell me. I need to find some because I've finally accepted that I will not fit into the size 2 pre-Miles jeans. ever. again. (Probably)

    I am with you, too, on the black on black is fine but not blue on blue or say pink on pink. When color is introduced, there must be contrast. I like the Carmel shirt, though.

  2. I think you are rocking the navy on navy! But I can only wear black bottoms... I sweat too much and any other color looks awful!

    Hmm. I have had good luck with Eddie Bauer jeans!


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