Thursday, May 29, 2014


It's Thursday already? 

Wow. Time flies when you're training well.

The week has shaken out like this:
Sunday- 11.7 mile ride to, around, and home from the tri course.
Monday- 4.13 run 
Tuesday- things got interesting.* 4 mile ride, then a brick of 12.6 miles followed by a hard mile (7:15) and a half mile cool down
Wednesday- 2.57 easy run, core work. Later, I rode 2.57 while my husband ran.
Thursday- I'm going to run today. Whether it's one mile or three or five, I haven't decided.

But back to Tuesday. 

I started out by turning on some music before shoving my phone in my bento box- it would be nice to hear a random song each time I had to stop so that I'd have something new to get stuck in my head at different times. I got about two miles away from home and decided I needed to add more air to my tires. I headed back, and as I approached a stoplight, unclipped my left foot-why, I don't know, because every other time I've ridden, I only unclipped the right.

As I'm rolling to a stop with the wrong foot unclipped, it happened. 
I fell
In slow motion.
Just as Ke$ha started to sing, "it's going down/I'm yelling timber!"

All I could do was lay there and laugh... Until I noticed the truck across the rode, so I got up, still laughing, waved and gave a thumbs up.

I didn't even have a scratch. See? Still smiling. 
(My shoulder was sore the next day, though)

But I was really annoyed when I got home because we didn't have the right kind of pump, and I figured this out after I had taken the cap off and caused my tire to deflate some more, so I had to drive to the local bike shop to get the presta valve adaptor before I could fix it. 

And that's why I had a 4 + 12.6 mile ride.

Ever fail to unclip and fall? I'm glad it happened already. Now I know I can handle it, so if it happens during the tri, I (hopefully) won't freak out.

Favorite guilty pleasure songs right now? Pitbull/Ke$ha almost always make the list. I'm debating downloading some Shakira, too. Anything that keeps me moving!


  1. Ha! Perfect timing for that song!

    I am still waiting for my fall from my bike. I have fallen off my mountain bike, but not with the clipless pedals, yet. Maybe this weekend on my long ride ;)

  2. I am not going to laugh at you falling. I will not laugh at you falling. BUT I do like the irony of it all.

    So ... this one time at overnight camp in fourth grade, my mom was telling a ghost story that involved knocking at the door and just as she got to that part, the teachers came by to tell us to go to bed and KNOCKED AT THE DOOR.

    Aren't you glad you know that?

  3. Ah! the fall on the bike :) Mine was my first ride out of my neighborhood. I was self-concious of being in bike shorts, so I had worn capris over my bike shorts.I had stopped to make a left hand turn onto a decently busy street. When the coast was clear, I went to hop back into the saddle and the extra fabric of my capris got caught on the bike seat, so I had both feet on the pedals and fell over with very little grace.

    I also was riding in a "bike tour" in my community and went to air up my tires and could not get them inflated. I have a dual head pump and was probably just using the one for the regular bike. I had to ask someone else to use their pump to air my tires! Embarrassing!


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