Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Tuesday tidbit

Isn't this the cutest bike jersey ever? Excuse the maniacal grin, I just had a great ride. Five miles of ear-to-ear grinning, surprisingly without beetle snacks.

I love my bicycle. When I got it last fall, I only had the chance to ride it twice before winter arrived (and then threatened to never leave). Then, our house was for sale, so getting a trainer wasn't really an option since I couldn't set it up anywhere.

But sprummer (Indiana spring last a week before bringing summer humidity, so I'm calling it sprummer) is here, and I brought my bike to my mom's, and I love love LOVE my bicycle!

Today was a quick ride, but I'm already plotting either a 30 mile or 60 mile ride (Bloom and Zoom) late summer.

And I might do a triathlon. We shall see!

Runner? Cyclist? Biker? Y'all know I love to run, and now I love cycling, too. Let's hope they help each other out and my fitness keeps improving! I also love riding on the back of my husband's motorcycle. :D


  1. I saw the pic before I started reading and my first thought was "What a super cute top!" :)
    My oldest daughter has hijacked my bike to commute to school so unless I ride late or before 5am I don't bike. So I pretty much don't. Plus I am a little clumsy and it doesn't change on a bike. So, I am leisurely type rider. At least for the moment. I am a terrible swimmer too. Luckily running is fairly easy as long as I watch for curbs and stuff. Only biffed it once so far. LOL

  2. Sprummer...it's a perfect description! That jersey is adorable!


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