Monday, July 2, 2012

1 done

Well, I survived, and so did most of the class. I had 9 happy people, only 1 who complained. She was abrupt enough that I was glad I had saved my run until afterward.

I wish people would remember that sometimes, these things are a learning experience for the students AND the teacher. I now know that one person some people want things broken down before class starts, since they're cranky perfectionists uncomfortable without a step-by-step breakdown of what we're doing.

I'm ok with this. I'm going to thicken my skin a little more, and start Friday's class with steps. No music, just steps.  It means we will probably only get through 1/3 the songs, but I'm trying to keep people happy.

And if "people" still aren't happy after I break it down further, then maybe they'll realize my class isn't for them....


  1. I think there's always someone who has to be the Negative Nelly. I take a Balletone class (I guess you could say it's like Zumba, but based on ballet). The instructor also teaches a variety of yoga classes, so she'll add in elements from yoga to help us stretch or to relax after she's just had us do 1,382 squats (slight exaggeration there!).

    One day there was a lady who got all defensive with the instructor, apparently upset that yoga was in the class because she wasn't there to be preached to... I guess she interpreted the use of sun salutations as the same as trying to convert someone to Hindi?? The instructor just kept saying "well, I definitely keep religion out of things..." I don't think the lady has been back since - good riddance!

    I think there definitely has to be some kind of balance - if you break things down too much, your more experienced folks will get frustrated. The thing that my Balletone instructor does that I really like is that she regularly reminds us that it's okay if we dno't do the steps exactly right - just continuing to move is the important thing. (I also like that occasionally she loses her balance during yoga, haha!).

    Anyway...I don't know if that's helpful, but hopefully every class is better than the last! :)

  2. Yepp, I completely agree with Steph, you can't make everyone happy, and 90% is so cool, isn't it? :o)
    Looking forward to hearing from the Friday lesson. :o)

  3. 90% is an A :)
    I'd probably be the complaining one because I felt bad about myself. The lady was probably feeling like a loser and rather than own these feelings she put them on you. Just give them back to her and move on to the next class with confidence that you are amazing!


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