Wednesday, July 11, 2012


 Zumba has been going very well- see the nice big room we have to use? Each class has been better than the one before. I had some very good feedback after the last class on Monday. I know I shouldn't need to be praised, but it sure feels a lot better than being torn apart!

Tim and I were able to get 6 miles in today. July is shaping up to be my highest mileage month yet, if this motivation keeps up (which it better, since the MARATHON is 65 days away!).

And then there are the split 16 patch blocks...
They seem to be multiplying. There are 15 now, with #16 ready to be sewn, which will probably lead to 17, 18, 25, you know how it goes. I really like these blocks. So many different fabrics in each block (24!), and it's the kind of pattern that nearly makes my eyes crazy, but not quite. Perfect blend of chaos and control. If the ambition sticks, I might make this 64" square, which would take 64 blocks, which just seems perfect.

I need to make my next couple of race blocks... one for the Mudder, one for the Ta Ta Trot, and one for the 4th of July 5k. Might work on those tomorrow. Might.

What about you? How's your week now that it's halfway through? How about your year?

That's right, we're halfway through the year of AWESOME. It's not too late to set a goal AND reach it!

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