Sunday, July 8, 2012

10, 5, 2.... 17!

I ran 10 miles before the thunderstorm this morning, then 5 more afterward. Which meant I was 1 short of my goal, but I was running on empty and needed lunch before I turned into the hulk. But, we just took both dogs for a 2 mile walk, which means my legs carried me for 17 miles total today!
Last night, I finally made a Union Jack... One I've been meaning to make for a year! But hey, finally done. Now how to border and finish it?
Someone tried to steal all my sodium when I was stretching between runs today, too.


  1. Looking at your blog makes me want to get my sewing machine fixed, but then I remember I don't always have the patience for cutting out all the shapes to sew together. I like the Union Jack, very pretty.

    Great job on your running!

  2. The Union Jack looks great! Nice job getting in 15 miles. I'm very impressed!


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