Sunday, July 15, 2012

Why I run

I ran 16 miles today, 13 of which felt great (the last 3, not so much). The golf course I worked at (up until 3 weeks ago) is about 3 miles from my house, and I was serious when I told them I'd "run by" every once in a while to keep in touch.
 I popped in, said hi to Bucko and got permission to run the course. I'm not a golfer, but boy, the course is beautiful.
 The clouds kept looking like rain- but no such luck for them; the course desperately needs rain. We got about an inch at our house over an hour last night, but they didn't get a drop on the course. Funny how weather can be like that.
 It was just starting to clear off as I finished the 6 miles of the cart path, which meant I had 9 miles done. I headed home, but had to stop and say high to this guy on the bridge (I love bugs...except spiders. Daddy long legs are ok, but the rest can stay away).
 It's an old railroad bridge- the tracks have been converted to a running/walking/biking path. It's one of the reasons we decided to buy our house. Having a trail this close is such a blessing.
I had planned on running down the trail, but the nasty deer flies decided I was a tasty treat, so I ran home, which put me at 13 miles. I needed 3 more to reach my minimum (today's goal was 16-18 miles, depending on what my body had to give. I'm trying to maintain that happy balance of doing to work without hurting myself).

Those 3 miles on the treadmill.... well, they hurt. There's no other way to put it. They were slow, painful, and so boring after how pretty the previous 13 had been. But I got them done, which is what matters.

Now, after I've spent the day recovering (knitting a little, watching American Pickers on NetFlix, eating only 2 slice of pizza when my Runger wanted 4), I sit here and know why I run. Not just for the beauty of nature, not just for the clarity of mind I get after a good sweaty double digit run, but because every time I stand or sit back down, I feel the strength in my legs. These legs have gone from embarrassing thunder thighs in high school (at least that's how I felt about them) to powerful tools. It doesn't matter that I still have cellulite, because under that cellulite is the strength to cover miles and miles and miles. And that strength is not just physical, it's mental. Every run makes me more confident. Makes me believe in myself a little more. Makes me strong enough to handle anything that life throws my way.

I'm running the Freedom half marathon with my best friend from high school this November- my husband signed me up as my anniversary present (it's the only thing I wanted!). The trip will be my birthday present (and the timing is convenient for him, too, so he'll have one less distraction during his classes this fall. I know some of you think I'm a nutter for all this running- I've got my first full marathon in September, a Mudder and either a 1/2 marathon or a 5k for Halloween in October, and then another 1/2 in November, plus the Turkey stampede 10k, and the Huff 10 miler in December- but this is my therapy. Running and quilting both are. They soothe my soul.

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  1. I've only been a runner for about 1 year, but I run for all the same reasons. Last year, when I could barely run a full 5k, I signed up for a Ragnar Relay. My brain thought I was crazy but my heart knew better. Looking forward to my next one in 2 months, and my first half next February. Slowly but surely, I'm doing it just to KNOW that I can. Great feeling, isn't it?


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