Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Silly eyeballs (I feel old)

So, I've been trying to make progress on the super secret project, but I'm still plugging along sewing too much black. I feel old because my eyes simply cannot stand looking at the black pieces. Poor, tired eyes, giving up at 27 (wonder if the congenital cataracts have anything to do with that?) On the bright side, this gave me a perfect excuse to try out some of the Blogger's Block of the Month blocks thanks to Jackie at Canton Village Quilt Works.

You may notice from the photo that my blocks are not uniform size- well, that's because in order to start something new, my rule has been that it has to use precut pieces. So, rather than cut fiddly odd sizes like 3 5/8 or 1 3/4, I'm modifying each block to fit what I have. Which means I'll have some 8" blocks and some 9" blocks (finished size). I plan on stretching my creativity to even up the eventual rows, and may even be able to use some of my orphans/parts department blocks and bits.

Basically, the end goal of this quilt (besides giving my eyes a colorful break in between the aggravating black) will be to have a hodgepodge of STUFF. It could be awesome. Or ugly. But it will be warm, and it will get used, slept under, coughed on, sneezed on, and most of all, LOVED.

Tomorrow is another spin class, a short run, then a movie with a friend.

What are you doing for fun or fitness?

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  1. I love your blocks! I think the completed quilt will be a truly original one -- and you'll treasure it!
    I'm designing a wallhanging for fun, and walking/running in our pasture for fitness. Ugh.:)
    Enter your cute pups in the Pets on Quilts show coming up!


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