Monday, July 30, 2012

Random thoughts on a Monday morning

1. I'm still pretty excited about having finished 4th overall for females. Especially since I was just a few minutes behind the top female finisher... it has me thinking, "If I hadn't hit my head so hard on that first obstacle, I wonder how much better I could have done?"
 2. I decided to play with some of my shop hop purchases. First up, the itty bitty twister template. I have the Lil twister, and in talking to one shop owner about those irritating waste squares, she showed me the itty bitty template. I'm not always one to attempt teeny tiny pieces, but it looked so cool, and the thought that I could twist away the waste from my current template.... that's why I bit. Plus, it takes 2.5" squares, and I have way too many 2.5" strips laying around unused. So I started with a 5 x 5 grid of brights, and added that border.
 Then, after cutting and resewing, it went from 14" to 6"! (Though I noticed, as with my other twister template, I could use a smaller-than-recommended border and be fine.... so it would be like shrinking from 13" to 6")
I added a 1.5" border- just grabbed the first piece laying around that would go all the way around my block.
Then quilter it with rainbow thread and bound it while watching the Olympics.

3. Speaking of Olympics, often I find myself just sitting and being lazy while I watch others excel in sport. Often with a bowl of not-so-healthy food, like caramel corn.

So, this year, I've been taking at least a few minutes during each even to do an exercise inspired by whichever sport is on. For example, during swimming, I stand and move my arms in whatever stroke they're doing. As a non-swimmer, just "swimming" through air while they compete leaves my arms tired. During gymnastics, I did a few headstands, and played with my hula hoop (and laughed so hard at how it freaks the dogs out).

4. I didn't do a long run this weekend. Which is really bad in terms of marathon training. But that's what happens when life gets in the way. I won't die. It probably won't affect my marathon time much, anyway, since I'm not exactly a speed demon, nor am I even expecting to run the whole thing (this time). But, I feel like I should add a few extra miles during my 2 shorter runs this week- like a 6 and 7 miler, instead of 2 and 6. Mentally, that will make me feel like I'm still doing enough work I guess.

What's your favorite Olympic sport? (Please don't tell me you hate them all)
Any big plans coming up?

My brother will be coming Friday to race in an autocross regional. I'm pretty excited. And we're grilling out with friends tonight (as long as the rain holds!).

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  1. Love your little blocks. I tend to trim up my scraps into 2.5" blocks and throw them into a bin for a future postage stamp quilt.
    I have to say I am sucked into the Olympics every day, too. My favorite is the kayaking which is streamed online.
    Good luck with the marathon training. I know it is a lot of work. I am planning a triathlon next June.


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