Wednesday, June 11, 2014

A rare non-running weekend... Sort of.

Last Saturday, my cousin got married. See, I don't always wear workout clothes! The Husbeast had to work so I was flying solo. I need a pin with his face on it for these things that says, "he's in the Air Force" so I don't have to answer the where-is-he question all night!

We got up early to make the drive, then changed at the hotel. I'll be honest, it felt odd putting on a dress instead of a race bib on a Saturday!

...but I did sneak in some training between the wedding and the reception. I nailed a swim in 4:30 (it was somewhere over 150 yards, not sure exactly because the pool was 19 strides long and I know my strides average 34 inches, so by swimming 10 lengths for time I'd have a good guesstimate of slightly more than necessary for race day. You follow?)
And then I ran 1.25 miles. I would have biked, too, but there wasn't a spin bike.

After that, I played euchre with my mom, brother, and SIL, before getting cleaned up again for the reception.
And shenanigans ensued. That's what makes a good party, right? Hey, if my cousin's family payed for a vodka ice luge, we had to make sure it was put to good use!

Even after having so much fun, I got up again on Sunday morning to run 1.5 miles (the hotel treadmills were about 5 miles from falling apart, so by logging less than three, I felt safe. Seriously, worst treadmills I've ever used, but better than nothing!).

We rounded out the weekend with breakfast with one side of the family, and lunch with the other. To quote my Uncle don, I'm the only family member crazy enough to swim/run in between festivities, but at this point, they expect it out of me.

I'll take that as a compliment!

Last wedding you attended?

Does your family think you're crazy for any good reason? I don't mind being called crazy for being dedicated!

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