Tuesday, June 24, 2014


I don't quite know what to do with myself right now.

I don't have a single race left on my schedule for the year. There are some small 5ks in the area in July and August that I will probably run, assuming I'm still in this area... And that is why I have nothing official on my schedule. The whole limbo thing.

I've decided to get creative to fill my time.

Friday night, I went to a Wine and Canvas event to paint that picture.

It's loosely based off of a famous Van Gogh:

I can't have wine, but they did have a platter of salami and cheese and crackers, so my night was Snacks and Canvas. Seriously, I can get on board with a relaxed art class that lets me eat while I paint! (Sorry, no photo of the cute plate of food-because I ATE IT!!!!)

I enjoyed most of the process. It was a good refresher course, since it haven't painted in 8 or 9 years. But, I did take some artistic license as the night went on, and pretty much started tuning out the instructor at one point. Such a rebel. I learn from the best- my mother pretty much went off the rails as soon as we were done with the vase portion and did her own thing.

The fascinating thing about the night was how even though all 24 people were painting the "same" picture, there were 24 very different finished products! Just look at how different mine is from my mom's:

Neither one really looks like the W&C inspiration picture, nor do they look much like the Van Gogh. 

I find is interesting how much bolder the color is in mine, where my mom used a softer pallets. And I have bold, heavy brush strokes where hers are softer, thin, delicate. Her paint. Layers are transparent, where men are saturated. And then there is flower size. Mine started out so big I decided not to paint several of the smaller flowers, and improvised with a dried sunflower to fill in on the left, while my mom's flowers are smaller, delicate, and more plentiful, with her dried sunflower head close to the inspiration picture's shape and placement.

A psychologist could have a field day with these.

Ever done a "painting party" or something similar?

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  1. I like both yours and your Mom's pictures. I've done a couple of similar paint classes and I was also amazed at how different everyone's pictures turned out.


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