Sunday, June 29, 2014

5Ks, failures, and flowers

Yesterday, I ran a 5k as part of a neighboring city's Summerfest. I have not done speed work since March, so this was going to be my test 5k.

On Friday, I out it out there via Facebook and Twitter that I was going to set a new PR in the 5k this summer. I reasoned that the Summerfest 5k would give me a good benchmark.

So, I showed up, signed up, and met my new running friend Dana. I had mentally decided to try for 7:45/mile average, would would be just shy of my current PR. Pacing is often difficult for me, so if I could just pace well, I'd feel ready to tackle a new PR next time. We lined up, and then the gun went off.

I took off. I didn't feel like I was pushing too hard, but I knew I needed to reign it in a tiny bit when the first glance at my watch at 1/2 mile read 3:18 Whoops. By now, the gun-sprint-jitters had worn off, so I felt I could settle into a pace. As the course twisted and turned, I started picking off runner from one of the high school track teams as they fell behind their herd one at a time. By mile marker 1, I'd passed an entire team!

Split: 7:28 (I refused to look when my Garmin beeped, though).

Mile 2 is always more difficult. I struggle to keep even most times, so I focused on picking off the runners ahead. First this guy, then that girl, then this young boy, all while trying to keep leg turnover steady and effortless. 

My legs felt fabulous. My lungs were struggling a bit, but still not bad.

Split: 7:44

I was doing it! Staying close to goal pace! The final mile, I kept chanting to myself, "hang on, hang on, hang on!" I picked off several more runners (I only got passed by one runner the entire time), and finally, rounded the last of the million corners and saw the finish. I read the clock, and my inner monologue switch to my favorite on the bike: "CRANK CRANK CRANK!"

I crossed the line in 23:46.

That's a 2 second PR. Through my gasping and wheezing as I searched for water, I smiled. 

The failure of the day? I didn't get a single picture!

So here's one of the shirt:
Definitely not grey! 

(Three shirts in a row this spring were grey)

Since I failed with race photos, here's a few random flower shots from around the yard:

And Matty thought I smelled great after an afternoon bike ride:

How is your weekend going? 

Do anything fun? After the 5k. I rode an easy 4 miles while the Husbeast rode his unicycle. I rode 9.8 miles and ran 1.37 (odd distances, I know) today, and am super happy that the Netherlands just advanced in the World Cup!!!!


  1. Congrats on the PR! That is a cool shirt! :)

  2. Congratulations on the PR!! That's awesome. Your flowers look great. It's turning out to be a good year for flowers. All the rain we've had has helped a lot.


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